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tv   North Carolina News at 600AM  CBS  March 4, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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stay with us. right now as family and friends prepare to bury the raleigh man shot by police there's now mixed reaction to a police report on the incident. >> we don't believe the police. >> different people think they saw different things. >> and the transgender bathroom controversy continues how the issue may spark a statewide debate. >> plus rain is moving out but the weekend is finally in sight. >> good morning, everyone. thanks for watching north carolina news. >> happy friday. let's get you straight over to the storm team meteorologist alyssa corfont. we had a lot of rain throughout the week, what about the weekend? >> well the weekend should start off on a dry note of here's a look at our satellite and radar
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dry conditions around the triangle. the rain is really just drifting off to the east coast. even the 95 corridor is seeing some drier conditions. 32 in south hill, 33 in henderson while roxboro and siler city both at 35. fayetteville you're reporting 40 degrees, littleton and clinton you're both at 39. so we'll be at 39 most of the showers already tapering off at 8 a.m., 46 at noon, 49 our afternoon high. normal is right around 60. so we stay well below that mark. today we drop to 46 for the evening drive home. i'll let you know how warm the temperature will be over the weekend ahead and where you'll be next week coming up. let's go ahead and check in with traffic if you're getting ready to head out the door are this morning here's i-85, cars -- looks like this cruising along at a fine speed this morning.
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could be on the wet side. now, your live drive map showing all green. if you're on i-40 heading westbound 60 miles per hour and eastbound those speeds looking at very similar conditions 63 miles per hour. well, this morning after a week long investigation we now know more about the events leading up to a fatal officer involved shooting in raleigh thanks to a preliminary police report. and today the funeral is expected to be held for 24-year old denkins. we have team coverage this morning. let's go to emma wright she is outside the raleigh police headquarters with details of that preliminary report. >> the raleigh police department did release the preliminary report yesterday. in that report we've learned that denkins and twiddy for you to at each other before denkins was shot. the officer says that denkins tried to get at his gun before he shot him. raleigh police say denkins was shot as
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felony drug charge. police say denkins ran from twiddy and that's when the struggle began. rpd report says officer twiddy felt denkins reach for a weapon and that's when he fired those first shots. the district attorney says she's been in contact with denkins family over the past few days. >> obviously like most mothers her primary concern was, you know, knowing how long he may have suffered and some of those details. and so those things that obviously we want to be able to talk to the family about, she's very much grieving the loss of her son, and in many ways is, you know, acting just like any mother who's just lost their son. >> and coming up at 6:30 we're going to hear from the district attorney she's going to talk to you about where this investigation goes from here. >> now, moments before and after the reports came out community
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peace and pray for both the denkins family and officer twiddy. >> justin quesinberry is here with a look at how people reacting to the police report. >> some people our team spoke with say the answers in that report not enough. a few dozen people gathered at the scene of monday's shooting as police released that new information they candles. neighbors and friends say they still doubt the police's version of events. >> i don't have to agree he with what he did. but no one should lose their life for running from the police. so please tell the story correctly. >> and for me to be as young as i am and realize that i fell like that is really sad and i need to say that to someone else because it's not cool. >> a group of people holding black lives matter signs also agreed near shaw university to protest the shooting. >> more coverage of this ongoing investigation right now on you'll see the
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also find our prior stories and more details on both the autopsy and five day reports. just look for the link again on our home page. state republican leaders calling on attorney general cooper to take action against the new non-discrimination ordinance. it allows trance againer people to use the bathroom of their choice. they plan on addressing this issue and have not ruled out the possibility of doing it in a special session before the assembly reconvenes at the ends of april. >> you don't have to be an attorney to know that men start using the ladies room there's going to be problems. if they do it here in the general assembly, or anywhere else in north carolina, they're going to be arrested. >> it shouldn't really matter where you go to the bathroom if that's how you relate to yourself if you're a female and think you're a guy you should be able to use a guy's bathroom.
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political side show and said the attorney general has made it clear local ordinances do not trump criminal law. outside protesters made sure their voices were heard and rallied for minimum wayne, reform and clean water in flint michigan. >> we're here tonight to let them know this is our issue. if you want our vote then you're going to have to help with our issues too. we'll have full coverage that have debate and the jabs trade booed all the candidates as the folks turn their attacks towards donald trump. >> the nuclear miss sills will be ready for use at a moment's notice. on wednesday the united nations slapped the country with
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than 20 years because of the recent test and long rage rocket launch. the u.s. marshal service says that scammers calling people look to go collect fines for missed jury duty. they claim to be law enforcement officers or court officers but they even provide badge numbers to appear more credible. now, they want people to be on impaired and know that they do not call anyone for payment or fines. tomorrow drivers can expect minor delays near lake crab tree. the town of cary will shift traffic to the center. this is going to happen from 8:00 in the morning until 5 p.m. for utility work that's being done. they anticipate minor delays and urge drivers to reduce speeds when in the area. all the work, of course is weather permitting and right now it looks like it's going to happen. coming up the search is still on for a murder suspect who escaped from a mississippi jail two days ago. what
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they are looking now. plus how does a free trip to space sound? we're going to tell you if you're interested how you could win the big prize that's out of this world. and a look at your bus stop forecast kids heading out the
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when we go to the store, i find my box of honey bunches of oats and i'm checking to see if i packaged it. best cereal in the world right there. if the last 3 letters were p22, that's me! and now in delicious chocolate. all right. so i'm over here basically twisting alyssa's arm to tell us it's going to be a nice day on this friday you're saying yeah >> for the most part. >> so know that as you're heading out the door this morning it may be a bit damp. we are dry now. 36 at 7 a.m., 8 a.m. temperatures should be 39 and we're into the 40s by 9:00 this morning. here's a look, a live picture from our north carolina news tower camera 36 degrees.
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to the west and we can see cloudy skies the cars that are out there not having any trouble this morning. so let's get to our radar most of the rain drifting off the east coast. here locally the clouds going to continue for us but you can see the rain for the most part has wrapped up. so let's get straight to your temperatures and speaking of out towards the corridor, 34 in roanoke rapids, south hill you're still at the freezing mark you saw a little bit of light snow throughout the overnight and now mecklenburg county schools operating on a two hour delay. your forecast 8 a.m. temperature 39, cloudy and cold, 46 at noon our high should be right around 49 before we drop back into the mid-40s for the 6:00 drive home and the weekend ahead i mentioned more sunshine and pleasant temperatures high of 54 on saturday, sunday we get into the upper 50s and then the 60s for
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down the details come up in your complete storm team forecast. >> all right. tomorrow is your first opportunity to win a free trip to space. maryland life casino is giving a trip away all month. players will anti-drawing to head it into space but only four people will win. buzz aldrin supports the idea that space travel isn't just for astronauts any more. well this sunday on 60 minutes they sit down with canada's new prime minister. he said that things canadians dislike the most about americans is they need to pay for attention to what's happening in the rest of the world. you can catch the full interview sunday night at 7:00. it's here and only here on cbs north carolina. coming up will the remake be
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got the first look at the a funeral for a man shot by a raleigh police officer trying to make an arrest earlier this week takes place today. it comes after a preliminary report was released. >> and investigators say there was a struggle between the suspect denkins and an officer, it further states he reached for a gun and moved towards the officer resulting in the officer shooting him. the autopsy report shows he was shot four times. the unc board of governors will meet today. this will be the first meeting since assistant president margaret spelling started.
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on for a murder suspect who escaped from a jail in mississippi. a reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest. it's been two days since he broke out. authorities tell us they did find the pants he took from a guard. he is accused of the rape and murder. later this month the fire commission is expected to vote on whether to give garner firefighters a raise. the commission took up that issue last night. now, while the fire department is one of the busiest they're among the lowest paid. starting salary is just more than $30,000. a new study finding that's nearly 20% less than other area departments. they'll vote owner the issue on march the 17th. a burning wood stove is to blame for a fire that happened. we saw several crews on scene at the home on smithfield around 7:00 last night. family members
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left the home without turning the stove off. investigators trying to determine of what caused a massive fire of a historic church. investigators ruled out arson but say it's too danger are you saying to examine at this point. we've got the first trailer for the upcoming ghost busters film but bale's newest movie. we have your eye on entertainment. >> cohen showed up in full costume for the premier of the brothers grimsby. a if you know loving football fan on a mission to safe the field. muller stars as jenna a young woman looking to escape her small town life.
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music i was blown away i was so taken with the music. it was the kind of stuff where i listen odd to it and i felt something right away. >> barelis wrote songs for the show which opens next month. in theaters, bale stars as a writer in the search for love in the new movie night of cups. he says each shoot was an experience. >> we don't know where the scenes going to end up in the film. it's a great freedom if you allow you're self to go i'm all right not knowing. and here's the first look at the newest team of ghost busters are it is due in theater this is summer. that's your eye on
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>> it looks like some of them could be fun. i don't know let's get to your forecast for today as you're getting ready to head out the door. it is cloudy, wet because of some rain we saw throughout the overnight. now, most of that rain has actually moved out. 36 right now and this is a live picture from the international airport as we start off this friday morning. the rain is along the east coast most of us on the dry side but like i said, we saw some -- a decent amount of rain move through even some snow showers across central portions of mecklenburg in virginia. they are operating on a two hour delay. so let's talk about temperatures right now south hill you're at 32, very cold, remember that winder jacket. 33 in henderson, 35 in roxboro, also in the mid-30s around siler city.
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raleigh we're at 36 along with goldsboro and fayetteville you've been staying put this morning you are still at 40 degrees. now, there's enough of a breeze out there to make a bit of an impact. look at the wind chills right now feels like 24 in south hill, 25 in henderson. not having as big of an impact but certainly knocking us down a few degrees around raleigh, clayton and durham where all of those areas it feels like 31 degrees. so a bit breezy throughout the day and also very cold for this time of year. we'll be at 39 at 8 a.m., 43 at 10 a.m. only at 46 at lunchtime. we're seeing a few peeks of sun but i expect more sunshine into the afternoon 49 our afternoon high today. just a fun fact for you normal actually right around 60 degrees. so here we are at 8 a.m. on our future forecast that rain off the east coast clouds gradually starting break up right around lunchtime.
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then as we head towards say 5:30 this sxaefrn into the evening more sunshine than anything else. tonight partly cloudy and that's what you can expect for our saturday. 8:30 in the morning partly cloudy. could see an extra cloud or two, but i want to point out the showers 6:00 on saturday up towards west virginia those could spill into our area but will arrive in the overnight hours. city by city this afternoon 49 in raleigh, 48 in durham, 54 had in fayetteville. then tonight partly cloudy and colder than where we are this morning, a low right around 32 degrees. we won't have to worry about that wind chill tomorrow morning saturday night into sunday morning a chance for just a few showers but just that some cold rain as we head into early next week wall to wall sunshine expected 62 on monday, that looks really nice but how about tuesday and wednesday? sunshine continues with highs in the low
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that's your latest 7-day forecast. it's almost 6:22 on this friday morning. i-40 and miami boulevard starting to see more cars out there but again the rain is not falling, anything that's out there is already on the ground. a look at your drive times will show things starting slow down come in northbound into raleigh u.s. 1 between highway 55 and downtown that's about a 16-minute drive and 401 this morning about 20 minutes. more on traffic and weather close to 6:30. >> thanks. well as the zika virus continues to spread we now have the first case in our area. coming up where it was found. >> plus if you've ever struggled
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apple problems, well, a sol wake county has its first confirmed case of the zika virus. offices say the patient contracted is while traveling abroad. health officials say there's no reason for residents to be concerned. it is a mosquito born infection. many pregnant woman in countries it is an especially department mic have babies with smaller heads. at noon today researchers at the unc school of medicine will discuss the virus and talk about what they've learned so far. it will include testing and complications and the likelihood of it becoming a major problem here in the united states and north carolina. if you've ever been frustrated by long lines at the apple store or you want to get paid and take pictures listen up. good morning, happy friday. we made it. good morning.
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at apple's genius bar if you need help. they set up an account. and here's a high tech job be if you love travel tv and instagram. netflix is looking for gram master's as they call them. they're going to get paid to visit the sets of popular shows, films and originals and post photos on instagram. to apply tag three of your best photos with the hash tag gram master's 3 by sunday. >> first when it comes to jobs we hear there's a new ranking of the best companies, what do you know about this one? >> you know what, actually for that netflix story, i believe it's $2,000 for two weeks of work of. so not too bad. >> yeah, that's not bad. >> fortune is out, yes it's like
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way fortune is out with its list of the best places to work google is number 1 for the 5th year in a row this is all based on things like overall job satisfaction pay and benefits. quicken loans rounds out the top 5. the sas institute is number 8. a read a bit about what
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they had good morning and thanks for watching. i am russ bowen. >> good morning to you, i'm stefan chase this morning a growing vigil in the raleigh neighborhood where a police officer shot and killed a man this week. we've got team coverage after a preliminary
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>> emma wright is at the raleigh police headquarters with details and justin quesinberry is in the studio. let's go to alyssa corfont with what we can expect to see today when you're out on the roads and out in this weather. if you're heading out this morning we are looking at cloudy skies the good news is most of the rain has moved out. what you will notice though as you get ready for your morning commute is that the roads still wet. 36 in raleigh right now 37 in durham, also 37 in clayton, littleton still holding steady at 39 and fayetteville still reporting 40 degrees. i need to point out south hill virginia you're at 32. when i came into the office early this morning several hours ago you were dealing with some very light snow and as i've been saying all morning long mecklenburg county in virginia schools operating on a two hour a delay there. so at 8:00 today we'll be cloudy and
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it will be breezy and a high today of 49 chilly compared to the 60 we should be at for this time of year. i'll get to the weekend forecast and your complete forecast but right now i want to check in with traffic. if you are getting ready to head out the door this morning you can see cars crewsing along at a pretty good speed this morning. still looking at lower volumes but it is a friday maybe some of you trying to sleep in just a bit. we're looking out towards mountview there's an accident. be alert and give the crews plenty of time to move the cars this morning. we'll have more in about 10 minutes. today the funeral is expected to be held for the man shot and killed by raleigh police officer. raleigh police say denkins was shot as the officer tried to arrest him for a felony drug charge. police
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that's when the struggle began. >> officer twiddy felt him reach for his waste band and that's when he fired the shots. for more information tone story let's head over to emma wright. >> the raleigh police department released their preliminary report yesterday in that report it says that denkins fought with twiddy and he reached for twiddy's gun and that's when twiddy shot him. raleigh police say this all happened when twiddy was trying to arrest denkins for an outstanding felony drug charge. rpd's report says that the officer felt denkins reach for a weapon and that's when he fired the first shots of police say the shots didn't stop him and that's when he reached for the officer's gun and that's when i fired again. the district attorney says they're still investigating denkins was shot. >> that is still under
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medical examiner's office, and so the manner in which, you know, wounds enter and the tracking of that is something that they have to review in more detail. >> and the district attorney says it could be several more weeks before they release more information about what happened. russ, stefan. >> before we let you go we understand there's no information about the handgun found at the scene. what can you tell us about this? >> we understand that the handgun in his possession was reported stolen on january 31st, however we will have to wait for more reports before we'll find out about the fingerprints on that gun. >> thanks a lot. >> well moments before and after the initial reports came out community members gathered to call for peace and also to pray for denkins family as well as officer twiddy. >> our team coverage of the deadly officer involved shooting continues. justin quesinberry
6:34 am
with a look at the community's reaction. >> well protesters gathered last night and skeptical of what the police report says happened. >> we don't believe the police. >> black lives matter. >> this group of people gathered at shaw university. protesters tied what happened in raleigh with police related shoot information other parts of the country. they held signs reading black lives matter and called for justice in this case. >> why we waiting on the investigation, we don't believe that, we don't believe that a man turned around and tried to take a police gun >> we've got to come together ask talk to each other and motivate each other. >> a friend of denkins tells cbs north carolina that in time she'd like to see police come to the neighborhood to try to work on building trust but for now she thinks it's still too tense for that to start happening. >> our coverage of this ongoing investigation continues right now in a special section of
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stories and more details. just look for the link on our home page. right now, whether a baltimore police officer can be forced to testify against the other officers charged. the custody. officer porter's trial last year ended in a hung jury and prosecutors say they now the panel of 7 judges listened to two hours of arguments in two different appeals. one focused on whether porter would be protected if he testifies the other centered on whether the trial judge had the authority to rule on the matter. they did not indicate when they could make a possible decision. breaking overnight the fbi is investigating after a driver ran over a man in front of a federal building in california. he got into a chase with a police officer around 4:30 yesterday afternoon. the car hit a federal employee. crews
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no word on his condition. authorities arrested the man, the bomb squad searched his car but found no explosives. more details come in surround ago jewelry store robbery. police tell us a teenager arrested in the case got away with premier merchandise. he held up thinks jewelers saturday and snatched up 9 premium watches. the 18-year old is looking at multiple charges including robbery with a dangerous weapon. investigators say he held up the store just before 7:00 cloak saturday night. no one was injured. >> durham teachers hope this second attempt to contact one of the their student being held in prison in georgia works. they marched to the post office to mail him his homework. officials arrested him in january accusing him of entering the country illegally. they say
6:37 am
was set to graduate this year and despite his imprisonment he still wants to continue on with his education. just ahead the republican debate was a war of words. >> anyone who's ever deserved to be attacked that way it's been donald trump. >> the gloves certainly off. who through the punches and who stayed out of the ring. plus a new study has promising news when it comes to hospital infections. and before we head to break here's a look at your bus stop forecast kids heading out the door this morning cloudy and damp, 36, 49 for an afternoon
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expect some warmer temperatures
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want to know about the morning commute but they also want to know about this weekend because it's the friday. >> oh, yeah. here's a look though at your drive time forecast starting off first with today it is a little damp out there rather cloudy. we're at 36 right now as we start off our morning. we'll stay in the mid-30s through 7 a.m. and then start to slowly climb 39 at 8 a.m. back into the 40 abuse noon and once we reach the 40s we're not going to get out of them as we head into the afternoon hours. so 36 degrees right now this is a live picture we are looking east we're just not seeing that sunrise that we've been dealing with the past few mornings. we're dealing with cloudy skies as we start off our friday. the good news many of you on the dry side. the roads may still be wet but no rain is actually falling so that should make your morning commute a bit easier. again just a sprinkle or two. let's
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need the jackets for sure, 36 in raleigh, 37 in durham, sanford and pinehurst near 40 in fayetteville but south hill you've been the cold spot all morning long reporting a temperature near freezing. we'll be at 39 degrees at 8 a.m. this morning, 46 at noon, our high today close to 49 before we drop back into the mid-40s by 6:00. nice mix of sun and clouds to wrap up our friday afternoon. we'll see plenty of sunshine in the weekend ahead. >> we're hoping it is nice and warm. thanks so much. well now onto our health watch the cdc says infections in hospital decreasing, a report finds a 5% drop in blood stream infections. doctors say more needs to be done to find antibiotic re satellite imagery tan bacteria.
6:42 am
health benefits from yogurt and large amount of coffee, those who ate five servings a week had lower risks. coffee has anti-inflammatory properties that could help explain the link. well it's a case we've been on top of since it started. come up what's next for the former unc student accused of killing three people in a wrong
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one of today a bar that lost its alcohol license for three weeks will reopen. he's not here will also have to pay a $5,000 fine for their role in a deadly dwi crash last summer. the bar's
6:45 am
the bar was one of the two places former unc student kenya went to before he got in a crash in orange county. three people were killed including a little girl. today's reopening will kick off with a tournament that will benefit the carolina for kids foundation. looking ahead now the trial date has been set. his trial will begin october 3rdrd. investigators say he used a fake id at he's not here at another bar last summer before getting into that deadly crash on interstate 85. breathe, breathe, breathe, you can do it, you could breathe. i know it's hard. >> that was just part of it the candidates for president participated in their first debate since super tuesday. >> reporter: senators ted cruz
6:46 am
attention to each other and logged insults at donald trump during thursday's debate. >> anyone who's ever deserved to be attacked that way it's been trump. >> trump fired back. >> the con artist is rubio. >> things went from person to vulgar. >> and he referred to my hands if they're small something else must be small i guarantee you there's no problem. >> kasich by all traditional senses had a good night but as we know this is an untraditional year. >> rubio cruz and kasich all said they would support trump if he wins the nomination. >> trump also said he will support the gop nominee if another candidate gets the nod.
6:47 am
than a quarter of the delegates he needs to secure the party's nomination. we are less than two weeks away from the presidential primary and early voting is already underway. if you missed the early registration deadline you can still register at any polling location if you do it early. we have much more and what you need to know right now on boeing has created a new bathroom. it has a touchless toilet. they have filed a patent and say more studies need to be done first before it begins offering the service. >> that's kind of nice. and who's going to argue against this beautiful forecast we've got lined up. >> yeah, we're going to see more sunshine. now, this morning it's kind of gray out there, kind of gloomy.
6:48 am
rain move through throughout the overnight the rain has moved out but the damp conditions continue. we are tracking the rain still as it drifts off the east coast and the snow showers up towards our nation's capitol come to an end but again pretty quiet skies around our area. sprinkle or two along the 95 corridor but again no rain actually fall here in the triangle. what you may need to use your windshield wipers for as you're heading out the door is because the roads spraying that up. so as far as the temperatures concerned 37 in durham, 36 in raleigh, 37 in sanford and pinehurst. littleton, raeford, clinton you've been in the upper 30s all morning long. fayetteville you're at 40, south hill virginia you're still at 32 and a reminder mecklenburg county schools in virginia operating on a delay this morning, kids expected to arrive at 10 a.m. with your wind chill out there it feels a bit colder enough of
6:49 am
in south hill. 25 in henderson, it feels like just below freezing had raleigh and durham. and really knocking a few degrees after that temperature in fayetteville it feels like it's closer to freeze heing around the sand hills. there's going to be enough of a breeze out there to make an impact throughout the day but the actual temperatures reading close to 39 at 8 a.m., 43 at 10 a.m., 46 at noon and then we should be right around 49 for an afternoon high normal for this time of year is right around 60 degrees. so what we saw throughout the overnight this cold front drift off to our south will continue to drift out into the open atlantic today. chilly temperatures we are seeing high pressure off to our north and west that's going to slide in and control the first half of our weekend forecast. so here's what all this looks like on our future forecast. by lunchtime we're already starting to see a brief clearing we'll
6:50 am
we head towards say 6:00 this evening of course the sun sets shortly after. we're looking at partly cloudy skies tonight but dry conditions. we had will stay dry during the daylight hours of our saturday but there's rain up to our north and west 6:30 saturday afternoon and into the evening it could move through overnight but by sunday morning the rain should be clearing just like the timing of this morning's rain as well. so 49 our afternoon high had in raleigh, durham you're looking at an afternoon temperature of 48 and fayetteville 54 degrees. overnight tonight partly cloudy, it's going to be colder. we drop to near freezing overnight tonight, and looking ahead into the weekend again that chance for rain overnight saturday into sunday dry again by sunday, but the real warmth builds in early next week, 62 on monday and back into the 70s for highs, tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. at this pace right now the next chance for rain doesn't arrive
6:51 am
and right now i do want to check in with your traffic conditions. we're starting to see a few minor accidents this is at i-440 and glenwood avenue if you're getting ready to jump on the beltline there at the intersections everything appears to be moving just fine expected volumes for this time of the morning. an accident on capitol boulevard and huntley drive. so if this accident isn't cleared up soon we can expect to cause some delays. we'll keep you up to date on this. well, looking ahead it's 6:51 in the morning right now. well, today the unc board of governors will meet for the first time since system president margaret spellings took over. she visited the campus wednesday. groups there protested meetings in the past
6:52 am
the annual durham bulls fan fest takes place. fans can buy tickets, take batting practice and play catch in the outfield. lots of fun for the whole family. and you can also buy discounted merchandise. opening day is set for april 7th. the duke women's team is head need a big face off. they'll take on the fighting irish today. they knocked off greensboro with a double double. >> well we've just been taking it day by day. i've been rehabbing. so i didn't know that i was going to be playing but obviously when we found out then i was ready to go. >> tip off today is at 2. a win sends them to the semi finals. the nc state women will play
6:53 am
advanced off 76 to 60 win over boston college. self players made it into the double digits in scoring. a win would send them to the semi finals. while we're getting off to a foggy start on your friday morning we're going to be right back with a quick look at some news to know before you go out the door. first though here's a live look -- or rather just a look at the cbs morning team, and what they're working on this morning. >> reporter: we'll talk about the latest attack filled debate and whether it's going to have any impact at all on donald trump's campaign. >> plus new developments into the wounded warrior project. . >> and we take a run with the professional ball room dancer
6:54 am
boston marathon i get out of work and i go to the store, and somebody's, smellin' around, "mmm! i smell cookies." i say, "oh no, you just smell me. i just got out of work. that's honey bunches of oats, that's all."
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here's a look at some news to know before you go today family and friends will attend a funeral for akiel denkins he's the suspect shot and killed on monday by a raleigh police officer. raleigh police released its preliminary report into the shooting. investigators say there was a struggle between the suspect and officer twiddy. they say denkins reached for a gun and moved towards the officer that's when the officer shot and killed din ken. the officer says he did not stop reached for his gun and that's when he shot him again. the autopsy report shows he was of shot four times. early voting is underway in our state. this is the first year people will be required to show voter id. now, if you missed the deadline you can still register in you do it early enough. all right we're off to another great start are to your day. >> yeah, we had some rain throughout the overnight and
6:57 am
the 95 corridor. other than that we're dry already. 36 degrees right now and you can see it cloudy from a live picture from our tower camera here in north raleigh we're at 36 right now in raleigh, 39 in littleton, fayetteville you've been holding steady all morning long at 40 degrees but south had hill virginia you're at freezing saw a little bit of light snow throughout the overnight and mecklenburg county schools operating on the delay this morning. so your forecast for today 39 at 8 a.m., pretty chilly to wrap up this work week. and before we leave you here's a live picture outside this morning it's the clayton bypass on a friday it is backed up this week as you're heading for the door remember that jacket. it is chilly outside. >> yes, it is. >> thanks so much pour being with us this morning. we appreciate you being here. >> have a great friday. cbs
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this. captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is friday, march 4th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." blistering attacks dominate a vulgar gop debate. we ask donald trump about the backlash to his campaign. the wounded warrior project is losing support from big donors. new developments in a cbs news investigation. she lost her leg in the boston marathon bombing but that hasn't slowed her down. we will meet the woman preparing to run this year's race. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. he referred to my hand of basketball, something else must be small. i guarantee you, there is no problem. >> another gop slug fest.


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